Working at the warehouse

Our logistic centers are the heart of our delivery process. With over 300 employees we make sure that the deliveries to approximately 200 Tokmanni stores are quick and accurate, so that our customers find from our stores what they need.

  • When working at the warehouse, you may influence your wages.
  • The work suits to many different life situations and we have a lot of students and career-changers, young and more experienced working for us.
  • We offer both permanent and fixed-term contracts.
  • We offer full-time working hours.
  • We support learning different roles in the warehouse and moving on in your career.
  • You will be joining a great team, for many end up working for us after a friend’s recommendation.

The need of warehouse employees varies by season, so we are looking for new employees especially in the spring and fall. 

languages are spoken at our warehouse


of the employees at the warehouse are women


of the employees at the warehouse work full-time

What kind of roles does our logistics center offer?

Warehouse employees receive and stock arriving goods, take part in the gathering and handing over of goods to the dispatch department, where goods are loaded onto Tokmanni lorries and start their journey to our stores. At the warehouse, each employee starts their job with gathering goods. 

Working at the warehouse requires quick and active attitude and willingness to do work that is physically demanding. One full trolley weighs approximately 100–150 kg and a gatherer handles an average of 30–35 trolleys a day. The work is done standing.

Working at Tokmanni warehouse requires: 

  • 18 years of age or more
  • carefulness
  • active and hard-working personality, who takes initiative
  • willingness to work in two shifts
  • willingness to commute to work in either Mäntsälä or Lahti

In order to ensure work safety within the warehouse, at least basic communication skills in Finnish are required. For more, please contact:

At warehouse you can increase your wages

The basic wages at Tokmanni warehouse are paid according to the collective agreement of the commercial sector. For example, the monthly wages of a person, who has worked for three years in logistics, is 1948 €, in addition to which they is entitled to the working hour supplements in accordance with the collective agreement of the commercial sector. 

In addition to the actual wages and working hour supplements, Tokmanni pays production incentive, the scale of which is up to you. The production incentive is in average 100–300 € per month, but it can be more. The most hard-working individuals make up to 600–1000 € extra on top of their normal wages and working hour supplements.

Supervisory Work at the Warehouse

The work at Tokmanni warehouse is coordinated by the production manager and team leaders.

Production Managers of the Warehouse organize production and resources or the work of their own team and thereby the whole logistics center.

Team Leaders 

  • organize the work
  • guide, encourage and develop their team
  • act as supervisors

The supervisory work at the warehouse requires for example

  • good co-operation and communication skills
  • assertiveness and ability to coach and encourage team towards our common goals

To success in this work one needs to be good at organizing, understanding the big picture and prioritizing.

Warehouse supervisor positions also require fluency in Finnish and English.


Our modern head office is situated in Mäntsälä on the side of the road from Hanko to Hyvinkää, Mäntsälä and Porvoo. It is only one kilometer away from road E4 (from Helsinki to Lahti). Our logistics center is only about 30 minute-drive away from Ring III. 

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